DIY Makeup School Supplies


If you are cleaning out your old makeup containers then you might want to check out this video and turn those old containers into school supplies. ¬†KimspiredDIY on Youtube shows you how to recycle many of your old makeup containers and turn them into supplies for school but these can also be great things to take to the office and if a co-worker steals your supplies you will know who it was ūüôā You can check out KimspiredDIY on Youtube with a lot of fun DIY crafts for the home with her DIY burlap bow and more. Also lots of the best crafts for kids and teens.

Ways To Decorate Your Home

Decorating your home should be a fun and creative process.  There are lots of things you can do to make changes to your existing living space or to decorate your new home.  You can decorate on a budget or you can go the expensive route.  Here are some ideas to help you get started no matter which way you want to go.

  • Add plants to your space
  • Use curtains with decorative rods
  • Make use of area rugs
  • Add knobs to drawers in kitchen and bathrooms
  • DIY some organizers to keep things tidy
  • Pictures in a space can make things more exciting
  • Mirrors provide a way to make a room look bigger
  • Candles make a great way to a touch of charm
  • Flowers vases don’t have to be just for flowers – fill with sand and seashells
  • String lights make a great way to add a fun and festive fell to any home
  • Choose a bedspread that fits your style and bring all the colors together with lamps, pictures, flowers and candles

These are just a few ideas to get your started.  The best way to do things on a budget is to DIY your decorations.  Another way to go the inexpensive route is look around at your local Dollar Store Рthey have lots of great finds and you can easily through some great things together to look so cute.  If you have an IKEA store close by you can always find a ton of stuff to use.  There are tons of ideas on line РPinterest is a great way to get lots of ideas.  Your home should be a peaceful and fun place to live.  Decorate with your own touch and make it your own. More home decorating ideas coming soon Рstay tuned!